Was Devyani Khobragade’s maid an American Spy ?

Sangeeta Richard, with her husband Philip, who worked as a driver at the Embassy of Mozambique in Delhi, pictured in January 2010

Sangeeta Richard, with her husband Philip, who worked as a driver at the Embassy of Mozambique in Delhi, pictured in January 2010

Part I : Was Devyani Khobragade’s maid an American Spy ?

Part II : Was Devyani Khobragade’s maid an American Spy ? 

Part III : Devyani Episode: Spy Game Gone Wrong ?

Part IV : Devyani Episode : US Espionage Networks & India’s National Security Concerns

When the senior officer in R&AW Mr Ravinder Singh was spirited away with his family by the Americans, the then National Security Advisor of India had commented that the issue was not that there was a mole but why was he so important to the US establishment. In the instant case the same question becomes relevant, i.e. why Sangeeta Richard, a domestic help of the Deputy Consul General (DCG) Devyani Khobragade, was so important to the Americans that her family was whisked away to the US two days before the criminal treatment meted out to the DCG by the authorities in that country. Was Sangeeta recruited by the US Intelligence Agencies to gain information of Indian diplomatic mission in the US?

The desperation to protect Sangeeta Richard and her family by the US authorities says it all. Such desperation betrays that possibly Sangeeta had been recruited and had been converted into what is called in Intelligence parlance an ‘asset’. Plausibly this asset was discovered and uncovered by the Consul General. It could be this fact that compelled Devyani to seek intervention of Delhi High Court, which issued an interim injunction against Sangeeta, preventing her from taking legal action in the US. Further the Metropolitan Magistrate of the South District Court issued an arrest warrant against her and requested the US government to locate her. The sudden grant of Visa and escape of Sangeeta’s family members to the US implies that the authorities in that country were closely monitoring the situation with regards to its ‘asset’ and its family. This abrupt development may have been engendered by the imminent possibility of the Indian judiciary tightening its noose on the family members of Sangeeta.

It is therefore evident that Sangeeta was not absconding but in the safe-custody of the American authorities. The exposure of such assets, it must be remembered compromises the entire espionage framework of the hostile country. Any price therefore to protect the framework is less.

Devyani, it seems has paid the price.

Devyani Khobragade pictured in June 2013, just days before her housekeeper Sangeeta Richard went missing sparking a series of claims and counterclaims that would spiral out of control

Devyani Khobragade pictured in June 2013, just days before her housekeeper Sangeeta Richard went missing sparking a series of claims and counterclaims that would spiral out of control

The entire family could not have been spirited out of India, the manner in which it was done, without engineering some extremely sensational diplomatic incident, which carried both the stamp of morality and the object of provocation.

In any country in the world such incidents involving diplomats is rare of the rarest. Say in India, if a diplomat, at any level, of any country were to be involved in an accident, for instance running over a pedestrian by an automobile the matter would be reported right up the chain, i.e. from constable to SHO to Assistant Commission to Deputy Commission to Commissioner of Police to Home Secretary to Home Minister and finally to the Prime Minister. It is because the factor of ‘diplomatic immunity’ is of overwhelming consideration.

In Devyani’s case, therefore, it was not a matter of ‘law taking its natural course’, but a clear case of deliberate provocation which entailed hand cuffing and stripping her. India has been provoked and outraged, the Americans have tried to gain a moral high-ground and the US intelligence ‘asset’ or ‘assets’ (Sangeeta and her other family members) have gained sympathy and credibility. A perfect script!

The attempt by the US to acquire a high-moral ground is nauseating. The morality part in favour of the Devyani has been more than upheld by the Court’s stance in India. They would not have taken the position they did, if it was a matter only confined to wages. The espionage angle seems to be very strong in the instant case.

Morality and the US diplomacy have always been contradiction in terms, rather antagonistic. If the US was so concerned about the sensitivities and laws of other countries, it would have extradited David Headley to India. If it was so sensitive about disparity in wages, it would not have outsourced the job of call centers to other countries. Indian youth working in these call centers spend sleepless nights to make America move during the day, for pittance.

Moreover the discerning people of India have abundantly understood the consummate skill with which American spin-doctors create agendas for destabilizing a country so that the economic and other strategic agendas could be pursued. It began with a concept called ‘march of democracies’. It then graduated to ‘human rights’. Then many countries like India were told that they were sitting on the mountain of ‘AIDS bomb’. Now the latest in the inventory is a concept called ‘modern slaves’. This theme is being flogged on Western television channels. It seeks to say that 50 percent of India constitutes ‘modern slaves’, who are hostage to the remaining. This is clever device to drive a wedge right through the middle of the Indian population. It is also a propaganda to convey the impression in the world that most countries including India are despotic, cruel and uncivilized.

With regards to slaves, it is another matter that the Father of America, George Washington, bequeathed his property to his wife, which included ‘slaves’.

The purpose of this article is not to delve into the details of the wages angle being justified to outrage the diplomatic and personal sanctity of Devyani. Nevertheless, it would be pertinent to mention that the arrangement and contract between the DCG and the Sangeeta Richard is laudable by any standards, and anybody who questions it is doing so due to motivated considerations.

The US has used this device of Sangeeta Richard to propagate this concept of ‘modern slaves’ and thus cause disaffection in the Indian society. In this bid they are being served by many Indian-Americans, who love to decry their motherland at the slightest behest of their adopted fatherland. Echoing the same ‘modern slaves’ concept but in different tenor, is a newly created political party, known to be receiving huge funding from American entities. Apart from the Maoists, the Church and the jihadis this is a new political US leverage.

This author has taken the opportunity to stick his neck out and proclaim with all the emphasis that Devyani issue is only a veneer to protect a espionage network.

Article by RSN Singh as published at Sify News.

(RSN Singh is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research & Analysis Wing. The author of two books: Asian Strategic and Military Perspective and Military Factor in Pakistan, he is also a Guest Blogger with Canary Trap)

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16 thoughts on “Was Devyani Khobragade’s maid an American Spy ?

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  2. Maid could be CIA agent, says Khobragade’s father

    Uttam Khobragade, former IAS officer and father of Devyani Khobragade, India’s deputy consul general in New York, on Sunday alleged her daughter’s former maid Sangeeta Richards could be a “CIA agent”.

    He said her daughter had been made a “scapegoat” and the possibility of a conspiracy behind the visa fraud allegations against her could not be ruled out.


    • Of course she was or her family were spy’s, it’s so obvious and common sense surely, if just makes me laugh how the american media gave tried to cover this up, and side tracking thd whole spy issue with talks about the visa and maid wages rubbish.
      If just goes to show the american media have been brain washed to act and comply way which is always favourable to the CIA. Then the US wonder why everyone hates them around the world. Fake ally USA.

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  4. @Robert Boxer
    This is truly dumb.

    It’s the diplomat who is an Untouchable (Dalit). The maid, a Christian convert, comes from the highly socialized, feminized and unionized Kerala state and was hankering for a green card from the start.

    She looks well-fed and well-clothed in her pictures.

    The US media first falsely reported that she had to be paid $4500 a month (a misquote of the diplomat’s salary, which was never withdrawn).

    The US then subverted the Indian judiciary by spiriting the maid away.

    Kerala is the site of massive funding by the Rothschild DRUG operations. The US is constantly running CIA operations in India.


  5. Article 48 of the Vienna Convention for Consular Officers. It allows Devayni to hire a private servant who is an Indian citizen and pay her as per Indian wage laws. Social Security in India includes minimum wage by law.


    Article 48
    Social security exemption
    1.Subject to the provisions of paragraph 3 of this article, members of the consular post with respect to services rendered by them for the sending State, and members of their families forming part of their households, shall be exempt from social security provisions which may be in force in the receiving State.
    2.The exemption provided for in paragraph 1 of this article shall apply also to members of the private staff who are in the sole employ of members of the consular post, on condition:
    (a) that they are not nationals of or permanently resident in the receiving State; and
    (b) that they are covered by the social security provisions which are in force in the sending State or a third State.
    3.Members of the consular post who employ persons to whom the exemption provided for in paragraph 2 of this article does not apply shall observe the obligations which the social security provisions of the receiving State impose upon employers.
    4.The exemption provided for in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article shall not preclude voluntary participation in the social security system of the receiving State, provided that such participation is permitted by that State.

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  7. Indian Maids and Indian Spies Move to US and Vanish-to Live Happily Ever After

    US-India relations are based on strong economic factors as important to the US as they are to India. Lately the US also began seeing India as a pivotal strategic partner in its new East Asia policy. It defies common sense that America would throw all this away just because an Indian consular official paid below minimum wages to her housemaid.

    What then is it really about? Let’s look at two known facts: America’s consistent hypocrisy and India’s continuous servility. The hypocrisy story is well documented. According to the Russell Sage Foundation, an independent research institute, 40 per cent of American workers in apparel, textile and repair services are paid less than minimum wages. As much as 41 per cent of minimum-wage violations in the US are against maids and housekeepers. Add to this the rampant racial discrimination against Latino workers.

    Hypocrisy expands further at the international level. America is the only democracy in the world to not recognise the International Court of Justice at the Hague. This enables the US to do things that are illegal and still not be answerable. The US government mined Nicaragua’s harbours in 1984 in a bid to topple the government there. The Hague Court found the US guilty of violating international law. But America ignored it and blocked the UN Security Council from enforcing the judgment.

    India, too, has tasted US duplicity. David Headley, who played a crucial role in the terrorist attack on Mumbai, was protected by the US from extradition to India. And of course there is Bhopal. The gas-leak victims’ voice was heard again last week. “The US is so worried about the rights of one maid, but it turns a blind eye to hundreds of deformed children who have been maimed by (Union Carbide’s) greed.”

    The maid had good connections (her husband and mother also worked for US diplomats). She asked for permission to take up other work which would have been illegal and, denied permission, went missing. Perhaps Devyani knew what was going on. On her complaint, a Delhi court issued an arrest warrant for Sangeeta. Sensing trouble, US authorities surreptitiously evacuated Sangeeta’s family to the US. Then they humbled Devyani, successfully turning the matter into a maid-exploitation cause celebre.


  8. Shut down club in Delhi, govt. tells American Embassy

    The government on Wednesday gave the American Embassy in New Delhi a week’s time to close down a multi-purpose club on its premises, running in violation of the Geneva Convention.

    The club includes a bar, pool, beauty parlour, restaurant, bowling alley and tennis courts. Outsiders including Indian government officials, businessmen and journalists were entertained at the club which was meant only for American Embassy diplomats.

    India began withdrawing all special privileges to the U.S. Embassy and the consulate staff, not extended to its staff posted in America. Last week, the government asked the U.S. Culture Centre to not screen movies as it didn’t have a licence for the purpose.


  9. The Indian Government is barking up the wrong tree and punishing the wrong people.

    Since the Jews were behind the wholesale sodomy, rape, strip-search, humiliation, and destruction of the Indo-US Relationship by their treatment of Indian Diplomat Devyani Khobragade started by Dana Sussman of SafeHorizon.org and prosecuted by US Attorney Preet Bharara (who’s wife is Jewish), due to the fact that India didn’t support attacking Iran and their recent court’s outlawing of homosexuality, the Indian Government should instead be canceling the Visas of Israeli Jewish Diplomats, and removing the barriers from the Israeli Embassies and Consulates all over their India.

    Furthermore the Indian Government should be strip-searching, harassing, arresting, humiliating, cavity searching, and expelling Israeli Jewish Citizens and Diplomats, not American ones.

    Americans are by and large good people, but the Jews and Israelis are devious, manipulative, lying sacks of shit who are behind all of this nonsense in the United States against India and Indians, because they are jealous of the US-India friendship based on democracy, pluralism, secularism, capitalism, former commonwealths, and freedom.

    Israelis and Jews wanted to, and succeeded in, destroying the Indo-US Relationship.

    Any fourth grader can see this.

    But the Indians and the Americans are unfortunately, too stupid, myopic, naive, and blinded to see this blatant truth.

    India and America need to unite and focus on fighting their common devious enemy – Jews and Israel.

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  11. This maid incident is just the tip of the iceberg of something big coming to india.

    that’s why warmonger bankers like goldman sachs is funding modi to take helm of india to carry out their agenda.

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